Grandmaster Harms


He has high school-degree,has examined as advertiser, learnd window-dresser and shop-designer was working in the touristy as manager, shift leader in the logistic and as graphical. Today he has leading position in the logistic.Grandmaster Harms is the Chairman of the BROTHERHOOD OF MARTIAL ARTS INSTRUCTORS.His website is

Hermann Harms was born in February 1950 in Gelsenkirchen Buer/Germany. In April 1957 his older brother carried him forward for the first time to Judo training. Already after short time it was clear for him, that it concerns more than only sport here.

Martial arts became one of its life contents. He tried different martial arts systems. 1971 then finally he examination to the first Dan. Since then he is Jiu Jitsu and other self-defence systems teaching.

Hermann Harms does not have financial interests in martial arts or in degrees. He found world-wide along human and sporty contacts, relations, friendships and exchange of ideas. His interest in the Asiatic martial arts gave him connection to Asia. He travelled often to Asia. Here he became acquainted with his wife. Since 1984 he is lucky married.

Martial art teachers believe often, that the are infallible.
Hermann Harms always learned from his own errors and mistakes. After over 50 years practice he knows now, that one never learns to end. Hermann Harms slogan is: "who believes everything to know, has not yet enough learned! Hermann Harms is persistent and he acts always with regard to the future and prudently. He says that the human abilities are so different, like humans are different in size, weight or shape. One must understand that, otherwise one remains alone or is alone left. It is large difference between theory and practice. It is not easy to found good and practical realizations from the martial arts for our daily life. Grandmaster Harms does not regard his work in the combat arts as load or trouble. He experiences constantly peaceful and meaningful with one another with different humans. This creates a good life feeling and serves also the common weal.

The engine in addition probably lies in his Christian basic adjustment to the life. He always had his financial security in a good occupation. We know that humans never carry his best out under obligation. Interest with joy in the own achievement and iron will each ambitious goal to be reached. This is what Hermann Harms lives. This he shows to his pupils in all over the world.

The way of Hermann Harms from the slim and shy boy to the well known martial arts Grandmaster was long as a half century. That way to go was worth for him and his pupils. It brought many people on the correct way of life. After more then 35 years as teacher in his spare time, after his daily work, he is today a really Grandmaster. He did not think that he would come so far. He will works further world-wide as an advisor for organizations, trains its pupils locally and holds European-wide seminars.